Portable Mouthwash Stick



In Flight or En route.

No problem anywhere anytime


Keep your smart - Save your breath


Lifestyle mouthwash which is easy to carry around. Leaves your breath feeling clean on every occasion.

Reduce the accumulation of bacteria. Keep your gums and teeth healthy to build confidence during the day.

Today’s hustling lifestyle may cause you not to have enough time taking care of oral health during the day.

Especially about bad breath which is one of the reasons why you lose personality and confidence.

Moreover, important events always come in unexpected times, whether customers call an urgent meeting.

After the heavy meal of papaya salad, karaoke party with friends,  surprise dating from lovers on a romantic intimate night , etc.


Now Available at Rosemanclub stores & online

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HOMHOM - Mouthwash 10 sticks


For the readiness in every situation, homhom Mouthwash Stick can help increasing self confidence in those moments of you.

homhom Mouthwash Stick has the Aroma Mint scent that contains natural extracts
and stylish packaging in the form of a Stick which is popular in Japan.

Used once. Build your confidence during the day. Simple and Clean aromatic breath in 3 steps

Press – Tear – Rinse


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