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Bangkok & Chiang Mai stores

  • Cash in Thai Baht currency

  • Credit / Debit card : Visa, MasterCard, UnionPay

  • Online Mobile Banking: ATM transfer / Cash Deposit

  • Online App: ALIPAY and WeChat Pay




  • Credit / Debit card / Paypal : VISA, MasterCard, UnionPay, Discovery

  • Online Mobile Banking / ATM transfer / Cash Deposit

  • Online App: ALIPAY and WeChat Pay

: : FAQ about PayPal : :
You do not require to sign up for PayPal account to make a payment.

You can pay with a credit card by clicking "checkout as guest."

For your own protection, PayPal helps protect you credit cards and make sure that only the card's owner can valid the payment, you may need to confirm the shipping address to linked with your cards and your PayPal profile. By doing this it limits the risk with stolen credit cards and fake identities. These shortcut links can help...

How do I confirm a debit/credit card in my PayPal account?

How do I edit the billing address linked to my credit card?

- Verifying your cards : What is the PayPal code and how can I find it?


  • Online Mobile Banking / ATM transfer / Cash Deposit

  • Online App: ALIPAY and WeChat Pay





We respect your information privacy as we do not like to be treated that way too.


All customers will not be asked to sign up any membership in order to make purchase at Rosemanclub website. Anyone process online payment via Paypal may ask you to sign up or login, but if you do not wish to sign up their services, you can click "checkout as guest" and continue to pay with a credit card without information stored to system.


We treat all customers equally. You will never be asked about gender, age, demographic information, date of birth, entering a password, or identification number because we will not require such information in our service. If you happened to see one, it might be that you have been hacked from possible encrypted device, cookies, or the browser you're using.


Your payment information will not be stored on our system, and your shipping information will be used only for inquiry and delivery contact purpose only.

By subscribing us in follow / liked our online channels, you will not receive any kind of push emails, board-casted messages, or spam advertising. You may see our sponsored ads on facebook and instagram from time to time, this happens when you have previously followed  / liked our profile, or your friends did, due to the online platform's advertising policy (instagram and facebook). All communication you have interacted with us via our Facebook inbox, instagram inbox, and Line Chat will be used for online purchase process, delivery requirement, and inquiry service communication only.



Once you have proceed the payment successfully, please confirm your payment record as the instruction. We will reply you back when the payment has been approved, and your order will be automatically process to the shipping procedures as explained in details on shipping page


You will receive an email confirmation after placed order on website. Please make sure again that your shipping address is correct. If you need to change shipping address after the purchase, please contact us within 2 hours.

Phone : 081-444-2642


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For more information, please contact us.

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