Special collection - Limited stocks from Sweden


Spacious unisex backpack from our Grand Canvas series, sealed with metal buckets carrying up to 18 L. The organic heavy cotton canvas and thick leather makes the bag durable. Inside features such as a 15" laptop sleeve, two inner slip pockets and one inner zipper pocket will help to keep you organized.A hidden zipper pocket reachable from the outside provides easy access to your frequently used items. The adjustable shoulder straps in cotton will keep you comfortable all day, even when packing heavy.



Organic 18oz cotton canvas

High quality top grain leather

Grey liningYKK metal zipper



W 30 cm x H 42 cm x D 15 cm

Volume approx 18L


Measurements of Laptop sleeve fits most 15" laptops

W 28 x H 29 x D 2 cm


Sandqvist Brand

Design in Sweden


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Material & Care Instruction

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= High quality top grain leather =

Leather details used in our products are mostly made from top grain leather. This is the second highest leather quality after full grain. This leather has been vegetable retanned after the initial tanning, to give it similar properties to the vegetable tanned leather.Depending on where it is to be used, the leather is given different treatments to make it suitable for those specific products. Most of this leather will be semi-aniline dyed, meaning that the leather has a thin protective surface. On some bags, this leather might also be corrected to give it a more uniform surface.


= Care for leather products =

  • All leather products, except for suede, should be taken care of by applying leather grease or balm. We recommend doing this regularly to avoid the leather looking or feeling dry. Use a small amount and apply a thin and even layer, for example with a sponge. Wipe off the excess with a clean and dry cloth. Always try first on a small inconspicuous surface to see how the colour changes before you treat the whole bag.
  • Note that greasing will also soften the leather a bit. We recommend using a natural product like Sandqvist Tangent Leather Care.
  • To improve water and dirt repellency on our leather bags, we recommend using our Water Repellent Spray.
  • Beware that hot and dry air can dry out the leather.
  • If your bag has become wet, dry it at room temperature.
  • If the leather has become dirty, clean it gently with a light moistened sponge and some mild leather soap if necessary.- Colour may come off with friction, sweat and water, be careful when using light coloured clothing.


= Organic Cotton Canvas =

Canvas is a heavy-duty material with a long history. This plain weave has been used in a wide variety of ways, making everything from sails to shoes and bags – all areas where the material’s durability is put to the test.Our canvas products are made from an unwashed organic cotton canvas, which means that the colour can bleed and that the bag will age as it is used. Just like a pair of unwashed jeans, every canvas bag will get its own unique look with time.The thickness of a canvas is measured in ounces per square foot, but usually the term ounce (oz.) is used. We use both a thick 18 oz. canvas, and a thinner 12 oz. All our 18 oz. canvas will be made using only 100% organic cotton, and all 12 oz. canvas from 65% organic cotton and 35% recycled polyester.Learn more about how using organic cotton directly sourced from the farmers.


= 18 oz. canvas =

Our 18 oz. canvas is a very thick and durable fabric, made from 100% organic cotton. The structure of the canvas becomes distinguishable when using heavy three ply yarn, while the thickness and weight of the fabric not only means the bag handles abrasion well, but also lends steadiness to the bag.The fabric is not only double mercerised to increase the lustre, absorbency and softness, it’s also double dyed for an even and deep dye penetration. All the dyes are GOTS approved and the dyed water is fully recycled.