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A vintage soul living in modern days...

Rosemanclub eyewear was born out of an intense passion for eyewear by two best friend designers without knowing that this would be a life changing and the beginning of new creative brand business. The brand name is a hybrid of the word “rose” and “man” that represent its commitment to unisex designs. 


The founders started off everything from scratches with their passions in collecting European antique furnitures, collectible decorations, and vintage eyewear with unique designs, until it became an inspiration to create a brand that truly reflects their own distinctive style, with its brand identity and concept of "Unique Urban Lifestyle". Since everyone is looking for products that are aesthetically pleasing, high-quality and durable in design. The primary objective is to serve these unmet demands through its dedication to diverse design forms that can satisfy each customer’s taste and lifestyle, premium materials, and sustainable pricing, to offer contemporary stylish eyewear that can become 'timeless' in fashion.

Rosemanclub gold logo

Rosemanclub’s design is a style that can be used every day, by anyone, for any occasion, and never go out of fashion. It is also specially created to match with prescription lens, becoming fashionable yet practical. Rosemanclub frames are handmade in Japan by experts with more than 20 years of high craftsmanship and experiences in the industry. Not only paying attention to details about product and manufacturing, but also luxury classic packaging design is very important as well. In addition to looking elegant, the specifically designed packaging can also keep each eyewear safe no matter where the destination is.


Since its official launch in 2014, Rosemanclub’s unique design is well-embraced by fashion aficionados in many fashion capitals, attracting international attention, and featured in leading international fashion and design magazines, as an upcoming not-to-be-missed creative eyewear brand from Asia.

" A rose by any other name would smell as sweet. "

Juliet Capulet



Discover a new landmark of unique style in the heart of city's high-end lifestyle district at Gaysorn Village, a well-known luxury shopping mall in Bangkok, featuring stylishly original design eyewear collections and niche international and local brands. The store is inspired from European 1800s interior designed to unite an urban lifestyle with more romantic touch. We selected not only for fashion items but also collectible lifestyles and home decorations. The interior is fully decorated in a timeless romantic sense of style with antique woodcraft furniture and vintage bronze decorations, under the concept of a private 'walk-in closet', where you will feel exclusively attended and homey while enjoying spend an afternoon here

Visit our stores

Rosemanclub Exclusive Gaysorn Village - Bangkok

Rosemanclub Flagship One Nimman - Chiang Mai

October 2014 - July 2016
First flagship store located on Rama IV main road, Pathumwan, Bangkok


Aug 2016 - July 2019
Second flagship store relocated to Sukhumvit 31, Wattana, Bangkok


October 2018 - Present
New flagship store opens at One Nimman, Nimmanhaemin ,Chiang Mai


August 2019 - Present
Third flagship store relocates to Gaysorn Village 1F, Ratchaprasong, Bangkok



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